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    Are Office Pods Safe During COVID-19?

    Workplace design trends are accelerating quickly towards agile, hybrid offices. Before COVID-19 office work pods and booths were sought-after refuges ...
    29 Sep - By Hein de Vries
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    Hybrid Third Spaces to aid Open Offices

    Hybrid Spaces in offices are flexible third spaces that enable users to work more flexibly. These spaces can be both fixed and unfixed. Open-plan o...
    18 Aug - By Brendon Coxell
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    Office Pods as a Client Facing Solution

    Office Pods are not only a great way to block out distractions and keeping employees focused. They can also help businesses curb COVID-19. Here’s ho...
    11 Aug - By Brendon Coxell
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    The End of the Open Office?

    How COVID-19 has changed the way we work The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we have all been working since March 2020. The great 'work from ho...
    18 Jun - By Jerry Sandow
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    A Guide to Getting the Workplace COVID-Secure Post Lockdown

    How can you bring staff back to the office safely in the post-coronavirus UK? The short answer is that Clean, Barriers, Distance or CBD. According to ...
    12 May - By Hein de Vries
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    SetMe Bench Desks

    Yes, sitting on your arse all day can kill you. Sit down and think about that for a moment. Then press a button on your SetMe Bench Desk, stand up, fo...
    30 Mar - By Hein de Vries
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    Office Phone Booths and Office Pods – Everything you need to know

    On Monday, the bean-to-cup of coffee grinder behind your desk is sweet-sweet music to your ears. Mildly hungover colleagues close one eye and aim jitt...
    21 Feb - By Hein de Vries
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    StudioBricks Meeting Pods NOT “just another brick in the wall”

    You’re old-school cool! You love pumping the volume on that Pink Floyd album. Unfortunately, the rest of the office doesn’t feel the same, do they...
    04 Feb - By Hein de Vries
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    Plug In And Stay Connected With Sustainable Power Modules

    Running around in circles can save the planet. Yes, it’s a bold statement. The health benefits are obvious. But that’s not quite what I am are tal...
    22 Jan - By Hein de Vries
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    Seven reasons why Cell Pod meeting pods are a valuable addition to your workplace

    Cell Pod Meeting Pods are the solution you have been searching for to create privacy and collaboration spaces within your open-plan office, factory, o...
    26 Nov - By Hein de Vries