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    The End of the Open Office?

    How COVID-19 has changed the way we work The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we have all been working since March 2020. The great 'work from ho...
    18 Jun - By Jerry Sandow
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    A Guide to Getting the Workplace COVID-Secure Post Lockdown

    How can you bring staff back to the office safely in the post-coronavirus UK? The short answer is that Clean, Barriers, Distance or CBD. According to ...
    12 May - By Hein de Vries
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    SetMe Bench Desks

    Yes, sitting on your arse all day can kill you. Sit down and think about that for a moment. Then press a button on your SetMe Bench Desk, stand up, fo...
    30 Mar - By Hein de Vries
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    Office Phone Booths and Office Pods – Everything you need to know

    On Monday, the bean-to-cup of coffee grinder behind your desk is sweet-sweet music to your ears. Mildly hungover colleagues close one eye and aim jitt...
    21 Feb - By Hein de Vries
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    StudioBricks Meeting Pods NOT “just another brick in the wall”

    You’re old-school cool! You love pumping the volume on that Pink Floyd album. Unfortunately, the rest of the office doesn’t feel the same, do they...
    04 Feb - By Hein de Vries
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    Plug In And Stay Connected With Sustainable Power Modules

    Running around in circles can save the planet. Yes, it’s a bold statement. The health benefits are obvious. But that’s not quite what I am are tal...
    22 Jan - By Hein de Vries
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    Seven reasons why Cell Pod meeting pods are a valuable addition to your workplace

    Cell Pod Meeting Pods are the solution you have been searching for to create privacy and collaboration spaces within your open-plan office, factory, o...
    26 Nov - By Hein de Vries
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    Workplace Evolution is in VetroSpace GroupSpace Pods

    Microsoft is redesigning the way they work by bringing modular focus pods and phone booths to their team spaces. Collaborative open-plan offices are g...
    06 Aug - By Hein de Vries
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    10 Best privacy high back office sofas

    You spend hours in your office, so make sure you have a privacy high back sofa for that comfortable free space work retreat....
    22 Jul - By Brendon Coxell
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    How Can I Create A Workplace That Inspires Creativity and Innovation?

    Creativity and innovation in the workplace are inspired by three basic mindsets: Believe; Prioritize; Be Courageous. Jeff Ramos, General Manager at Th...
    29 Mar - By Hein de Vries