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Lohko Box Office Pod


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Lohko Box Office Pod is a modern office privacy space solution for offices that are in need of an additional meeting room or informal space. Providing a highly rated 42dB acoustic office room-in-room, it gives users a quiet and comfortable area. Units are supplied unfurnished so you can add office furniture that support its function and its users.

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Lohko Box Office Pod

Lohko Box office pods are a modular, closed meeting pod solution for the modern workplace. They are designed to offer businesses unfixed room-in-room solutions for workers to take calls, brainstorm and collaborate or have team meetings in private. The walls, in Spruce wooden veneer and tempered glass, create a comfortable space where users can enjoy their privacy as the unit effectively suppresses sound.

Nordic’s nature is characterised by endless silence, this inspired the acoustics of the Lohko Box meeting pod. Several features are combined to provide the silent experience inside the closed meeting pod. Equipped with sound-absorbing elements like upholstered wall panels help suppress bouncing sound waves making the office pods ideal. These panels are removable and can be replaced if required. All the Lohko Box products have been tested in an acoustic lab to ensure the rooms effectiveness and quality. High-quality materials and the design guarantee a comfortable and functional zone for the users. The materials are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Fitted with a Taiga Air ventilation system, a sensor activates the unit when someone enters the pod, providing fresh air for up to several people during long meetings. Featuring a low noise ventilation system that can be easily adjusted manually. Ventilation ducts have been neatly and carefully thought out to fit the clean Scandinavian design, ensuring that the air is always fresh and keeping noise out.

The Lohko Box acoustic office booths provide the office with a touch of nature, helping to create a better working environment. Well-equipped for the modern office it activates when the user steps inside. The size of the pod is scalable, meaning the standard range of Lohko Box pods can accommodate anything from 1-6 people. The smallest office booth is the Lohko Phone Booth for individual focused work or calls and the largest being the Lohko Box 7 which is perfect for team collaboration.

All the Lohko acoustic meeting pods are supplied unfurnished and can be kitted out with modern office furniture to support its function and the modern users. For more information and help on what can go into the pods furnify offer free planning and consultation.

The Lohko Box office pods are fast and easy to install and can easily relocate if required.

Lohko Box Meeting Pod uses a limited number of parts, which makes assembly quick and easy. There is no need for any drilling, sawing or cutting as everything arrives ready to assemble. Clear assembly instructions are included. Adjustable feet enable the pods to be leveled on uneven surfaces. Once you have assembled your pod you just plug in the power cable. Then if you decide to move or relocate the Lohko Box can be moved as well.
Activating on entry the ventilation system has the capacity to produce fresh air for several users during a meeting. The units circulates fresh air inside the space at at a low noise level.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2200
Width (mm) 2400
Depth (mm) 1200/1600/2400/3200
Product Details
Acoustic Rating Soundproof 42 dB
Acoustic Certification The meeting pods have been tested by on external, authorized soundproofing professional.
Interior Walls: Spruce veneer or standard coloring
Exterior Spruce vaneer or standard coloring Walls: Spruce veneer or standard col
Air Circulation Adjustable and soundproof ventilation, airflow 240 cfm. 60L/sec.
Sensor Room sensor, activating the pod when the users enters the space.
Floor Abrasion-resistant, fitted carpet.
Door Tempered soundproof glass.
Fabric Panels Acoustic panels: Acoustic fabrics in standard colours
Glass Panels Tempered soundproof glass
Lighting Fitted with LED lighting.
Integrated Power 110v - 230v
Electrics Electrical sockets 2 pcs.
Levelling Feet Adjustable feet for uneven floors.