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Office Desks
Office Desks Modern office desks by furnify, offering contemporary desks, system desks and standing desks. Explore Our Bench Desks
Chemistry Bench Desks

The Chemistry bench desk is a stable and robust workstation solution for the modern office.

Chemistry Bench Desk
Stand-Up Bench Desk

The Stand-Up office desks is a rachet variable desk solution.

Stand Up Bench Desk
Solos Desks

The Solos office desks has a U-leg desk frame with slim profile.

Solos Office Desks
How to Select Your Office Desk Solution

When considering a desk or bench desk solution, it ultimately is going to be based on the office space. In a city like London, space costs money, desks take up a large percentage of the area, so you need to be smart in the selection process. If it is for one person, a team or entire office floor comprised of a workforce, you might need a consultant's help and a space planner to draw up space plans. Other things to consider on top of the desk size is each users space required to perform his or her tasks, is it for one monitor or two and what else do they have under their desk beside the leg room?