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  1. Corner Office Screen Corner Office Screen New

    Corner Office Screen

    The Corner Office Screen is a lightweight and easy to install freestanding desk screen.
  2. Alto 2 Sit-Stand Desk

    The Alto 2 Sit-Stand Desk is an electrically height-adjustable desk available from stock.
    As low as £495.00
  3. Protective Desk Divider Toppers

    Protective Desk Divider Toppers help raise the height of existing desk screens and shield your workers.
  4. Link Modular

    Link Modular is a versatile screen system to create personal workstations and collaboration areas.
  5. Pillow Desk Divider

    Pillow Desk is an upholstered flexible and portable desk divider solution with acoustic properties.
  6. Shield Fix Protective Screens

    Shield Fix Screens offering freestanding, fixed or suspended acrylic protection in the office.
  7. Freestanding Storage Screen

    About Me Freestanding Storage Screen is a high desk-side screen with integrated storage.
  8. Solo Protective Desk Dividers

    Solo Protective Desk Divders offer acrylic screen solutions and screen toppers for added shielding.
  9. Tall Division Storage

    About Me Tall Division Storage offers desk-side personal storage and encourages a clean desk policy.

Desks and Tables

We at furnify, offer a range of contemporary office desks and meeting tables suitable for both informal and formal environments.