1. 10 Best privacy sofas to include into the open plan office

    You spend hours in your office, so make sure you have a privacy sofa for that comfortable free space work retreat.
  2. Workplace Evolution is in VetroSpace GroupSpace Pods

    Microsoft is redesigning the way they work by bringing modular focus pods and phone booths to their team spaces. Collaborative open-plan offices are great for teams working on the same project, but they can get really annoying for everyone else. Noise and interruptions are status quo, while concentration, productivity, and quality output takes a real hit...
  3. How Can I Create A Workplace That Inspires Creativity and Innovation?

    Creativity and innovation in the workplace are inspired by three basic mindsets: Believe; Prioritize; Be Courageous. Jeff Ramos, General Manager at The Garage, runs a programme designed to help employees innovate. To him an employer must believe that their employees are capable of having...
  4. What is the Modern Workplace?

    The Modern Workplace is a technologically-integrated collaboration space where teams of people come together to work innovatively and creatively on their shared goal, whether they are sitting around the same table or in a dozen different countries around the planet. Employees look for a modern workplace that is designed to let creativity flourish.
  5. Office Culture... and the mysterious effect of that ping-pong table next to my desk.

    Ah, good ol’ “Office Culture”. It’s that elusive thingamajig that Sandra in HR is always on about. John in accounting firmly believes it’s his fantasy football tournament. And the gossiping poison dwarf that literally huffs when colleagues collaborate in the purpose-built collaborative office space is the toxic employee that just isn’t a culture fit.
  6. How to Cable Manage an Office Bench Desk?

    Its essential to cable manage an office bench desk properly from the start. This not only creates a tidy under desk set-up but makes adding additional power or data modules easy, and should your system go down it would make finding the problem easier...
  7. Are Office Phone Booths and Meeting Pods Soundproof?

    No office phone booth or meeting pod is soundproof. They are acoustically rated and offer a...
  8. A Guide to Acoustics in the Workplace

    The soundscape refers to the audible component of the acoustic environment that can be perceived by our hearing. With everyone being unique, sounds are experienced in different ways, and therefore we all have varied opinions on what might be considered noisy or disturbing.
  9. Five Furniture Ideas to Promote Effective Brainstorming

    When deciding to redesign your office, it’s important to take into consideration the competitive marketplace and emerging trends that support efficient working styles. A redesign is the perfect opportunity to embed a fresh culture in the workplace that invites, inspires and drives your workforce to be innovative. We all know the importance of continuous innovation in the ever-changing corporate landscape of the modern world. But let’s face it, it can be a struggle to think of ways to incorporate spaces for brainstorming and idea sharing into the office-planning phase.
  10. How Customer Experience Thinking Can Improve Your Workplace Culture

    Customer service specialist, customer-centric thinking and customer experience journey mapping are terms tossed around our corporate office with great gravitas. And for good reason. The business world has finally discovered that the little end-user is the person paying the bills. Well, it’s not exactly a revolutionary realisation. After all, “the client is always right” has been business mantra since long before “the client is always an asshole” was considered common knowledge. (Thanks, Kevin Smith). Neither of these two views are anywhere close to correct, and both disregard the one central understanding that drives true customer experience. Empathy.