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Air3 Meeting Pods


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Air3 Meeting Pods offer a variety of small and large freestanding private meeting spaces. Air³ is demountable – so it can be moved, re-positioned or re-used to suit the changing business needs.

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Air3 Meeting Pods

The Air3 Meeting Pod is a flexible room in-room system you can assemble and disassemble in just a few hours. It provides the same functionality as a meeting room but independent from the building. It gives a freestanding acoustic pod which can be moved when required.

Designers and facilities managers like Air3 because they can be efficient when the office layout needs to change and adapt to the business requirements.

Each Air3 Meeting pod comes with a service hoop which is like the 'intelligent brain' of the room. It houses the LED lighting, the air circulation fans, the fire detectors and is the anchor for the patented opening roof system.

Air3 Pods provides acoustic privacy which is essential in the modern workplace, and the glazed panels give a quantified acoustic performance. With two sides of the acoustic pod covered in glass and the other sides have a highly absorbent panelling system. All of the features have been rigorously tested for the international market, making Air3 meeting pods a truly comprehensive solution for businesses around the world. Why build walls when you can have Air 3 pods?

The Air3 room system combines new materials, offering a wide range of finishes making it the most advanced office pod on the market.

Featuring an internationally patented opening roof system, the pods meet all fire safety requirements in sprinklered office and other environments. The pods with opening roof system come fitted with a fire detector, encase of a fire emergency the pods detector cuts power and automatically open the roof allowing the building's fire system to kick in.

Enclosed privacy pods in various sizes

Air3 provides enclosed meeting pods for every type of situation. Starting from the smallest single-user pod in the range, you get the personal pod such as the Air-20 with a fixed roof. It gradually grows in size with the Air-22 and Air-23, which is the half-square pod with opening roof suitable for two people.

The Air3 Air-24 introduces the square meeting pod, double the size of the Air-23 it offers meeting space for six people.

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Dimensions & Details

Product Details
Glass Panels Clear glazed panels as standard. Adheres to the standard BS EN12150 part 1.
Hoop Power Service Hoop Power *3.
Fan Air Circulation Fan as standard, with an option to remove if required.
Fabric Options Europost, Blazer & Synergy, Melange Nap, Tonica, Divina 3, Divina Melange, Svensson VY, Mainline Flax, Hallingdal or Brisa.
Frosted Glass Optional Frosted Glass (Vinyl Etch).
Hoop Power Upgrade Optional Service Hoop 2 UK Power / 2 Data CAT 5 (per pod) or Service Hoop 2 UK Power / 2 Data CAT 6 (per pod).
Seismic Kit Available as an upcharge.
Manifestation Options Pixel Manifestation Full Screen. Pixel Manifestation Band. Pixel Manifestation Visibility Strips. Barcode Manifestation Full Screen. Barcode Manifestation Band. Barcode Manifestation Visibility Strips. Dots Manifestation Full Screen. Dots Manifestation Band. Dots Manifestation Visibility Strips.